City Attorney Karen M. McDonald

Karen M. McDonald
City Attorney


Karen-McDonald_webThe mission of the City Attorney's Office is to provide high quality legal support services to the City Council and City departments in a timely and efficient manner. 

Program Descriptions

Legal Reviews, Advice and Opinions

Legal Reviews, Advice and Opinions provides services to the City Council, City Manager's Office, City departments and boards and commissions in the form of contract reviews and approvals; enforcement of ordinance violations; drafting and approval of legal documents; ordinance, resolution and legislative drafting and reviews; and any other reviews that may be required under this program. These services are provided in a timely and effective manner and form the basis for many City initiatives and actions. The City Council, City Manager's Office, City departments and boards and commissions depend upon the advice and opinions provided by this program.


Litigation provides litigation services in State and Federal courts for suits initiated for or against the City. These suits are typically initiated in the areas of contracts, code enforcement, zoning and personal injury. The program also provides litigation services for employment claims initiated by present and past employees and environmental court cases for code violations. The program provides high quality professional representation, typically resulting in favorable results. The avoidance of litigation through the negotiation of claims and disputes is often as successful and important to the City as is litigation. Litigation is handled by in-house counsel and outside counsel as the need arises.


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