Solid Waste

Solid waste is generated inside the normal household setting and includes many items that can fit inside the rollout container. Small miscellaneous items such as dishes are considered solid waste. Please place recyclable items in the blue cart assigned to your residence.  For more information on recycling, please visit the Recycling page

Electronics are now banned from the landfill by state law. Please take them to the Ann Street Landfill, bring them to the Environmental Services Department at 455 Grove Street or call 433-1329 for pickup of your electronics.

The following guidelines apply for pickup

  • City Ordinance now requires the use of a City-approved cart. Additional containers or bags of trash not in the City cart will not be collected. Please do not place loose garbage in the cart.

  • Must be curbside for collection no later than 7 a.m. on the day of service

  • Yard waste and solid waste must not be combined at any time

  • When disposing of your cat litter and dog waste, please double bag the waste before placing it in your garbage container for pickup

  • Carts are assigned to specific addresses and remain at the address even if occupants move to another location within the city. Each household is authorized only one cart and it remains the property of the City of Fayetteville

  • Carts that have been emptied must be removed from curbside the same day they are serviced. Failure to do so could result in a fine

  • Please bag household trash before placing in container.  This helps keep loose trash from being scattered in the roadway.

Information about the Bulky Item Pickup Ordinance

Owner-generated construction debris, which now includes any amount of carpeting, will be collected for a $50 fee. Contractor-generated debris will not be collected.

A cubic yard is the volume of a box that is 1 yard long, 1 yard wide and 1 yard high. The revised ordinance allows the Environmental Services Department to charge a fee of $357 for each full load of yard waste debris (20 cubic yards or more). There is no fee for loads less than 20 cubic yards or 540 cubic feet respectively.

This is a pre-paid service. Residents should schedule a pickup through the Call Center at 433-1FAY (1329) or by visiting the Environmental Services Department at 455 Grove Street. We accept cash, checks and most major cards.