Storm Preparedness

Residents are advised to call 911 for life threatening injuries and flooded road ways that are not marked by the City, and to use the FayFixIt app (free in Google Play and Apple Store) to report storm damage.

Special Waste Items


Special waste items that are too large to fit in your trash can are collected according to zip codes. Please call 433-1FAY (1329) for guidance on what items are collected and to schedule a pickup. All items placed at the curb for collection should be away from power lines, mailboxes, fences, vehicles, etc.  For safety reasons and environmental concerns, there are some requirements:

White Goods
Doors on refrigerators, freezers and other appliances must be removed. All bulky items should be kept clear of power lines.

Televisions and computers have been banned from being dumped in landfills as of April 1, 2011. Please take these items to the electronic recycling area at the Ann Street Landfill. For more information go to the Cumberland County website at

Metal and Lawn Equipment
Lawn care equipment must be drained of oil and gasoline. Concrete in, or attached to, metal poles must be removed. All bulky items should be kept clear of power lines.

Limbs and Brush
Tree trimmings and shrubbery should be placed at the curb (not in the gutter or street) away from power lines, mailboxes, and fences. Contractor-generated yard debris will not be collected.

Dead Animals
The Environmental Services Department will collect dead animals on roadways and residences (if they are placed along the curb). To request collection please call 433-1FAY (1329).

Information about the revised Bulky Pickup Ordinance:
As of July 1, 2011 the Bulky Pickup Ordinance was revised. Owner-generated construction debris will be collected for a $50 fee. This now includes carpeting of any size. Contractor-generated debris will not be collected. This now includes carpeting of any size.

A cubic yard is the volume of a box that is 1 yard long, 1 yard wide and 1 yard high. The revised ordinance allows the Environmental Services Department to charge a fee of $357 for each full load of yard waste debris (20 cubic yards or more). There is no fee for loads less than 20 cubic yards or 540 cubic feet respectively.

This is a pre-paid service. Residents should schedule a pickup through the Call Center at 433-1FAY (1329) or by visiting the Environmental Services Department at 455 Grove Street. We accept cash, checks and most major cards.