Yard Waste


  • If garbage collection is MONDAY your yard waste collection is FRIDAY 
  • If garbage collection is TUESDAY your yard waste collection is THURSDAY  
  • If garbage collection is THURSDAY your yard waste collection is TUESDAY  
  • If garbage collection is FRIDAY your yard waste collection is MONDAY  

Yard waste consists of grass, weeds, leaves, tree trimmings, plants, shrubbery, pruning, limbs and materials which are generated in the maintenance of yards and gardens. Please do not place animal waste in yard waste containers. Double bag animal waste and place in household trash cart. For timely and safe pickup, please follow these guidelines:
  • Yard waste shall be placed at the curbside for collection in an approved container or bags.
  • Approved containers for refuse collection shall have tight fitting lids, be equipped with strong handles and shall not exceed 32 gallons in size or 50 pounds when filled.
  • Yard waste shall be separated from all other refuse before collection.
  • Limbs should be no larger than three inches in diameter, no longer than three feet in length and placed in an approved container.

Because of changes to routing for the limb pick-up, you no longer need call 1FAY For special pickup of materials longer than three feet and/or larger than three inches in diameter, and/or heavier than 50 pounds. Pick-up for large yard waste is now done the same day as your containerized yard-waste pick-up.

The city offers additional 96 gallon rollout carts for $53 each plus $11.50 for delivery.

Information about the Bulky Item Pickup Ordinance

Contractor-generated yard debris will not be collected.

A cubic yard is the volume of a box that is one yard long, one yard wide and one yard high. The revised ordinance allows the Environmental Services Department to charge a fee of $357 for each full load of yard waste debris (20 cubic yards or more). There is no fee for loads less than 20 cubic yards or 540 cubic feet respectively.

This is a pre-paid service. Residents should schedule a pickup through the Call Center at 433-1FAY (1329) or by visiting the Environmental Services Department at 455 Grove Street. We accept cash, checks and most major cards.