City and County Declare States of Emergency

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Alvarez, Moisbiell Battalion Chief of AccreditationFire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1432
Bethea, BobbieOffice Supervisor Fire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1725
Bradshaw, RichardAssistant Chief of Strategic PlanningFire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1431
Brinson, BobbyBattalion Chief of Special OperationsFire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1729
Bullard, ScottEmergency ManagerFire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1789
Cimino-Locklear, AngelaFirefighter of Fire and Life Safety EducatorFire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1413
Collins, SamuelFirefighterFire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1788
Dove, Kevin Battalion ChiefFire/Emergency Management
Hargis, DavidBattalion ChiefFire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1740
Hathcock, JasonCaptain of Research and PlanningFire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1399
Hill, MikeDeputy Chief of Department OperationsFire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1428
Jackson , KarenOffice AssistantFire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1730
Johnson, ChrisLieutenant (Assistant Fire Marshal)Fire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1730
Kimball, KevinAssistant Fire MarshalFire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1730
Lewis, Vince Battalion ChiefFire/Emergency Management
Major, BenjaminFire ChiefFire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1725
Martin, MichaelFire MarshalFire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1730
Mason, TroyLieutenant of LogisticsFire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1788
McGee, RichardAssistant Fire MarshalFire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1730
McMillian, TommyBattalion ChiefFire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1740