Human Resource Development

personHuman Resource Development is a support services department dedicated to helping the City achieve its human resources goals using a proactive, innovative and consultative approach.

We aim to provide services that improve the development and productivity of a committed and valued workforce. To meet these objectives, we administer programs in the following areas:

  • Recruitment and Selection
    We recruit applicants for all City job openings and assists departments in selecting, hiring and orienting employees.
  • Classification and Compensation
    Classification and Compensation is responsible for the position classification and pay plan. Our goal is to administer and maintain a market competitive pay system to attract and retain highly skilled employees.
  • Benefits Management and Administration
    We develop, manage and administer a comprehensive benefits plan, including health and dental coverage, life and other insurance programs, retirement benefits, flexible spending accounts and deferred compensation plans.
  • Organizational Development & Training
    The Organizational Development & Training (OD&T) function provides employees with learning opportunities that deliver knowledge and provide skills and enhanced abilities that allow them to perform more efficiently and effectively in support of the City's mission.
  • Performance Management
    The employees' performance management system is designed to communicate individual performance expectations to employees and evaluate their performance against established organizational performance standards.
  • Compliance and Records Management
    We maintain official personnel records for all city employees, and provide access to information in compliance with privacy provisions of the public records laws. We also ensure compliance with state and federal employment law mandates.
  • Employee Relations
    Employee Relations is committed to maintaining an employer-employee relationship that contributes to efficient and consistent resolution of issues, satisfactory productivity, and successful performance. We strive to promote a satisfying work environment where employees are informed of policies and procedures, understand expectations, and are retained based upon successful performance.
  • Employee Recognition and Appreciation
    The employee recognition and appreciation programs managed by OD&T, is designed to recognize employees for their service, longevity and outstanding contribution to the City's mission and values respectively.
  • Safety
    The safety program within the OD&T function promotes workplace safety and a work environment that is free from recognized hazards or likely to cause physical harm to employees in compliance with OSHA rules and regulations.



Barbara Hill, Human Resource Development Director

Batres-Dell, NormaHRD Consultant - RecruitmentHuman Resource Development(910) 433-1635
Bowen, KimberlyHRD Consultant - BenefitsHuman Resource Development(910) 433-1635
Fussa-Sustache, MartaHRD Specialist – RecruitmentHuman Resource Development(910) 433-1635
Hill, BarbaraHuman Resource Development DirectorHuman Resource Development(910) 433-1635
Hoggard, Erica Deputy Director - HRDHuman Resource Development(910) 433-1635
Landry, BarbaraOffice SupervisorHuman Resource Development(910) 433-1635
Schaefer, GregSafety OfficerHuman Resource Development(910) 433-1635
Taylor, MicheleHRD Consultant - Class/CompHuman Resource Development(910) 433-1635