Core Values Award


As part of the City of Fayetteville's Senior Management and City Council objective to recognize employees for their valued service to our citizens, it is our privilege to introduce the City of Fayetteville's Core Values Award (CVA). This program is a result of the hard work and dedication of the employee recognition committee that is comprised of members from each of the City's departments, and is truly a program that was presented and implemented by the employees for the employees. The CVA is designed to create a culture of recognition, increase employee engagement and reinforce behavior that exemplifies the City's core values, and to recognize and motivate higher performance.

CVA_logoAll employees are eligible for recognition and any City employee and member of the public can make a nomination. Nominations can be completed by using the nomination form, then submitting the email, or utilizing drop box or hand delivery. Supervisory endorsement is not required for submission. Deadline for nomination forms is May 31 for the July awards and Nov. 30 for the January awards. Employee recognition committee members will review the nomination forms for award selection based on an assessment of each nominee's accomplishments against the components of the City's core values of serving with R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Award recipients will receive a letter of commendation, gift and breakfast with the City Manager.

Previous Core Values Award (CVA) Recipients

July 2016 

Individual Recipients:

    • Sgt. Michael Bohannon (Police) 
    • Juan Brenes (Parks & Recreation)
    • Jacob Brown (Parks & Recreation) 
    • Christine Collum (Finance) 
    • Kristen Danet (Parks & Recreation) 
    • Mary Galyean (Parks & Recreation) 
    • Laura Leatherwood (Police)
    • Doris Patterson (Transit)
    • Tammy Pippen (Police)
    • Brenda Powell (Finance)
    • Scott Shipley (Transit)
    • Charles Stanfield (Transit)
    • Adolph Thomas (Community Development)
    • Kimberly Toon (Finance)
    • Jackie Tuckey (Environmental Services) 

    Team Recipients:

    • Sherri Kropp, Anne Laurie, Gavin MacRoberts, Kenneth Mayner, Nathan Walls (Corporate Communications) and Jessica Legette (Parks & Recreation)
    • Richard Tuinstra (Information Technology) and Kim Richards (Police)

    January 2016 

    Individual Recipients:

      • Capt. Jessie Jones (Fire/Emergency Management) 
      • Bobby McLemore (Permitting and Inspections)
      • Gerome Bays (Environmental Services) 
      • Brian Gaskell (Parks & Recreation) 
      • Anthony Orlandi (Transit)
      • Kenneth Cain (Environmental Services)
      • Deanna Wiuff (City Manager's Office)
      • Patrick Moore (Transit)
      • K-9 Officer Nicole Burton (Police)
      • Andrew Holland (City Manager's Office)
      • Tiffany Brisson (1-FAY Call Center)
      • Capt. Robert Hammonds, Sr. (Fire/Emergency Management)
      • Anthony Ramsey (Parks & Recreation)

      Team Recipients:

      • Firefighters Chiara Duehning and Justin Nobles (Fire/Emergency Management)
      • LaKuanda Griffen and Candace Cameron (Transit)

      July 2015 

      Individual Recipients:

        • Sgt. Matthew Dow (Police) 
        • Brian Gaskell (Parks & Recreation)
        • Lt. Jason Hathcock (Fire/Emergency Management) 
        • Marylin Hinson (Police 911 Communications) 
        • Doris Patterson (Transit)
        • Barbara Sanders (Human Resource Development)
        • Richard Saylor (Environmental Services)
        • Spec. Shawn Strepay (Police)
        • Joe Vittorelli (Information Technology)

        Team Recipients:

        • Crime Prevention Team (Police)
          • Sandra Everett-Autry, Latoya Gordon, Connie King, Kathleen Ruppert, Sharon Stevens
        • Firefighters Jeremy Beard and Matthew Hendricks

        January 2015

        Individual Recipients:

        • Jeremiah McGathy (Environmental Services) 
        • Jennifer Penfield (City Attorney's Office)
        • David Steinmetz (Development Services)
        • Randolph Washington, Sr. (Transit)
        • Art Williams (P&R Building Maintenance)

        Team Recipients: 

        • Chris McMillan, Bill Prankard, Marcus Townsend, John Wesley (Information Technology) 
        • Walt Gabriel and Lee Roundtree (P&R Building Maintenance)

        Contact Information

        For more information, call (910) 433-1674 or email us at

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