Strategic Performance Analytics

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The Strategic Performance Analytics office manages strategic planning activities, monitors and reports on organizational performance, and coordinates staff legislative affairs activities.  

Strategic planning is critical to organizational success.  It involves developing, maintaining,  and adhering to an organizational vision, mission, and set of strategic goals.  Strategic planning helps an organization determine where it wants to go in order to achieve the greatest success.  The City of Fayetteville's strategic planning process involves brainstorming with City Council, staff, and, most importantly, residents to determine short and long term direction for the City.  The City accomplishes this through staff strategic planning meetings, a yearly City Council strategic planning retreat, and periodic Cafe Conversation events with residents.

Organizational performance monitoring allows the City to understand whether it is properly aligned with the goals established in strategic planning and whether it is achieving those goals.  Performance data is collected periodically on a number of metrics, analyzed to identify trends, and reported to residents so that they might have access to how their City government is performing and how their tax dollars are being utilized.

The City must have a way to communicate effectively with state and federal elected representatives so as to ensure the City's interests are properly managed at those levels.  Legislative affairs activities include coordinating the activities of City participants in specific interest advocacy groups, monitoring legislative activity so as to keep staff and City Council appropriately informed, and organizing outreach to the City's local delegations to advance issues of importance to the City.

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Rebecca Rogers-Carter, Director- Strategic Performance Analytics

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