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Events Calendar

Canceled-Cape's Landing Apartments Community Watch

  • Date: 04/06/2020 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM  
  • Location: Office/Community Center
    1404 Deer Trail Drive
    Fayetteville, North Carolina 28314
  • Introduction: This group is just starting up for the first time. They appear to be excited about being part of a community watch program with the Fayetteville Police and Fayetteville Fire Departments. We will discuss future meetings.

Update: 03/13/2020: Per Community Watch Coordinator, this meeting has been canceled out of due regard for public safety/CDC recommendations regarding Coronavirus.

Cape’s Landing Apartments Community Watch

  1. This group is just starting (this is their first meeting).

  2. The meeting will start at 3:00 PM

  3. Location:  1404 Deer Trail Drive


  4. Coordinator:  Ms. Natasha Gibson (Community Manager) @ (910) 920-4682 or


  5. District 7

  6. Council Member:  Larry Wright @ (910) 433-1992 or


  7. District:  Cross Creek

  8. Sector:  Hotel

  9. Zone:  25

  10. Specialist Ken Winschel Jr. @ (910) 433-1430 or

  11. Captain Lars Paul @ (910) 433-1836 or

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