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National Stop on Red Week Reminds Fayetteville Drivers Importance of Safe Driving

Post Date:08/04/2015

(Fayetteville, N.C.) – With this week marking National Stop on Red Week, and newly released citation numbers from the City of Fayetteville’s red light camera program, Fayetteville drivers are reminded of the importance of safe driving.

Lee Jerniga, the City’s Interim Engineering & Infrastructure Director, said: “We have now issued 687 citations across the City of Fayetteville for running red lights from July 8 through Aug. 3, with 663 violations still in the workflow review process by our vendor. This week’s video highlights continue to remind us vividly of the dangers that red light runners pose to others around them, flagrantly running lights in an effort to save themselves time at the expense of those who have legally entered an intersection. This impatience creates a dramatic increase in the potential to create an accident with serious injuries or fatalities. Clearly this effort is desperately needed to help make our city a safer place for citizens.”

The latest video of motorists running red lights is accessible here:

Kevin Arata, the City’s Corporate Communications Director, said: “According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, those who run red lights are three times more likely than other drivers to have multiple speeding convictions on their records. They are risk-takers who needlessly place themselves and law-abiding citizens around them in danger. Don’t be one of those people. During National Stop on Red Week, stop when the light is red. Don’t take chances. As one of 447 communities across the country fortunate enough to have a red light camera program, we encourage people to obey the law and stop at red lights.

“In the months ahead, around the beginning of each month, we will continue to release statistics on citations issued to red light runners in our community, along with accompanying video, to serve as a reminder to citizens of how we are trying to protect them from those who don’t abide by the law.”

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