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City of Fayetteville observes Earth Day

Post Date:04/22/2020 9:03 AM

(Fayetteville, N.C.) – Earth Day is today April 22, 2020. Several Fayetteville city leaders reflected on ways departments have and will attempt to protect the environment. Below are reminders of environmentally-friendly services citizens can use, rules, and observations.


“Sidewalks are required for new residential subdivisions. They must be on both sides of a new residential street. For new businesses located along a street, a sidewalk is required along the front of the business site.” -  David Steinmetz, Assistant Development Services Director

Photos of the completed Owen Drive Sidewalk project here:

Parks & Recreation Facilities

Over the past year we have replaced older low efficiency air conditioning units with higher efficiency models. Also, we’ve replaced light fixtures with LED lighting and we’re using faucets with low water volume and automatic units.” – Timothy Johnson, Facilities Manager

Fayetteville Area System of Transit

"A public transit bus with as few as 7 passengers is more fuel efficient than the average car with 1 occupant used for commuting. Public transportation can help air quality by reducing overall vehicle emissions and the pollutants that create smog. FAST applied for federal and private grants to replace 4 diesel buses with zero-emission electric buses. The electric buses would reduce the transit system's diesel consumption and is expected to reduce CO2 emissions annually.” – Randy Hume, FAST Director

6 “R”s applied to Fayetteville

Reduce: Much of our work is done and recorded electronically. Also, Fayetteville Public Works Commission put cost-savings in place for conserving electricity during peak hours and provides Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at three of our local parks.

Reuse: Office products are reused. Old items of one office are offered and repurposed in other offices. Even as simple as pouring coffee into reusable coffee filters happens within the offices. On a large-scale, yard-waste is collected and turned into mulch for reuse.

Recycle: Offices within city buildings and residents have recycling bins that reduce post-consumer waste ending up at the landfill. Efforts of the city to purchase products that are biodegradable continue year-after-year.

Redesign: Things as simple as how a package gets to us are now not as glossy. The city continues to streamline processes to improve workflows so more quality and quantity products are delivered.

Renew: Fayetteville PWC has built a Community Solar farm that provides clean, renewable energy to our local electric grid.

Re-educate: Perhaps this is the one area where we need to remind ourselves that many of us knew a time when our streams and river could catch fire, were filled with litter, and broken glass. When trash was thrown with no regard to location because someone else would pick it up.” – Dr. Gerald A. Newton, Development Services Director



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