City Hall to open at 8 a.m./most services on regular operating schedule

City Hall will open at 8 am. FAST buses are on normal operating schedule. Solid waste pickups will begin at their regularly scheduled times this morning. All Parks and Recreation facilities plan to be open to the public no later than 1 pm unless otherwise indicated. The Fayetteville Regional Airport will be open but travelers are encouraged to check with their airlines to verify flight status as there may be delays or cancellations. All One-Stop early voting sites will open at 10 am today. City staff are granted liberal leave as needed and coordinated with their supervisors.  


Downtown Parking

Regular and Event Day Parking



City of Fayetteville staff will constantly monitor the downtown parking process during large events, making adjustments as needed, while ensuring citizen safety and security.  We want citizens to feel welcomed and be encouraged to return for future downtown events.

Downtown parking changes instituted July 15; Paid on-street parking not part of that plan

On-street and off-street parking rules for the downtown area are changing beginning July 15, with the following rules in effect:  

  • On-street parking during event and non-event days, on-street parking will be enforced from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Off-street parking in city lots during non-event days, parking off-street in city-owned parking lots will be enforced from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. from Monday through Friday, with regular hourly rates as posted. Saturday and Sunday parking in city-owned parking lots will be free.
  • During event days, parking off-street in city-owned parking lots will be $5.00 per vehicle beginning two hours prior to the beginning of events. 

The intent of enforcing on-street parking hours until 9 p.m. during event and non-event days is to encourage those who need to park for an hour or more to use parking lots and make on-street parking more easily available for those patrons who wish to visit downtown businesses. It is important for the vitality of downtown businesses that on-street parking turn over regularly so that customers are likely to find a convenient place to park.

Unfortunately, evening on-street parking has become increasingly difficult to find since Segra Stadium opened. The change in enforcement is designed to move long-term parkers coming downtown for event into the ample off-street parking available in city and privately owned lots in the downtown. 

Event days are defined as follows: 

  • Woodpeckers baseball home games (visit 
  • Dogwood Festival (April)
  • International Folk Festival (September)

There may be other “events” classified as such throughout the year

The City will be advertising this enforcement change broadly in the downtown area in advance of the new rules beginning July 15. 

A map of the current City parking spots can be found at www.FayettevilleNC.Gov/downtownparking. There are more than 600 on-street parking spots, more than 1400 off-street parking spots in city-owned lots ($0.50/hr., $4.00/day per space max),more than 1,100 off-street private parking lots, and more than 1,100 off-street government parking spots.

There is no intent, to impose paid on-street parking in the downtown area, until at least January 2020. City staff will propose a comprehensive paid parking plan to council for them to decide upon prior to any changes taking place.

Visit for the most up-to-date information on parking, to include interactive maps that show parking locations across the downtown area.

Overall parking availability

According to the parking study conducted by Walker Consultants in 2018, the following parking is available within a 5-7 minute walk from the stadium:

  • 615 on-street public parking locations
  • 1,407 off-street public parking locations
  • 1,194 off-street private parking locations
  • 1,144 off-street government parking locations

Total parking within 5-7 minutes of stadium = 4,360 paid and free parking locations within downtown area

Downtown parking in City lots

  • The City will charge patrons $5 per parking space in the more than 1,100 parking spaces across the 12 City-monitored downtown parking lots during large downtown events, to include home baseball games. 
  • City-paid lots will be clearly marked with roadside signage indicating those lot locations. 
  • Parking attendants at the City-managed paid parking lots managed on game days and other events will take either cash or credit/debit cards as payment for $5 parking fee.
  • Specifically for Fayetteville Woodpeckers home baseball games, paid parking will begin 2 hours prior to the start of the game, and parking fees will be collected for 2 hours following the start of the game.

handicap-logoADA-accessible parking

  • ADA-accessible parking during events will be available in the City Plaza 1 and City Plaza 2 parking lots directly behind City Hall.  
  • Cost to park in the ADA parking spots is $5 – the same as in other paid City lots. There will be up to 104 spots available for patrons with a current handicap parking placard or license plate.

On-street parking

  • Parking in more than 600 on-street parking locations will be free during events.
  • All on-street parking across the downtown area, to include handicap parking spots, will follow standard marked-sign protocol, e.g. 2-hour or 3-hour parking spots, and will be in effect through 9 p.m. on weekdays. On weekends those parking spots will be free to parking patrons, to include on game days and other downtown events.

Private lots across downtown area

Private parking lots will be charging patrons their own rates across the downtown area. The City is not able to track those lot locations or costs due to constantly fluctuating conditions. 

Pedestrian zones

  • During baseball game evenings, approximately one hour prior to the game’s start time, a portion of Hay Street will become a pedestrian-only area in the vicinity of Winslow Street (near Amtrak Station) to Ray Avenue (near Huske Hardware), and no on-street parking will be available inside that pedestrian zone at this time.
  • Patrons are encouraged to not attempt vehicle access to the stadium on Hay Street from the Haymount / ASOM direction.

Future parking plan adjustments

  • The City’s Police and Fire & Emergency Management departments, as well as Traffic Services, will continue to monitor the situation regarding the parking situation and pedestrian-only zones, and make changes to better serve our citizens as the situation permits. 
  • At this time it is not anticipated that the new Hay Street Parking Deck will be open for game day patrons to park; although office tenants, Hyatt tenants and The Gathering at Prince Charles tenants will ultimately have access to that parking deck when it opens sometime this summer.

FAST Bus Routes to Segra Stadium and Woodpecker Baseball Games

The Fayetteville Area System of Transit (FAST) will provide affordable, fast and convenient access to the downtown area for the City’s opening day Minor League Baseball game at Segra Stadium and all games thereafter.

Woodpecker fans can travel to games on five bus routes that provide direct access to downtown. FAST has made some minor adjustments for game nights to accommodate residents during this exciting time.

Direct bus routes to downtown for ballgames include: Route 5 (Ramsey Street); Route 8 (Owen Drive/Bordeaux Village/Southern Avenue); Route 12 (Murchison Road/Bronco Square/University Estates); Route 14 (Ft. Bragg Road/Cross Creek Mall); and Route 16 (Bragg Boulevard/Eutaw Shopping Center/Cross Creek Mall). These will bring citizens to the new FAST Transit Center at 505 Franklin St., which is approximately two blocks from the stadium entrance. 

The last buses on these routes will depart from the FAST Transit Center at 10:30 p.m. on weekday nights.

One-day passes provide a round-trip fare to and from the game. Passes cost $3 ($2 for youth under 18 years or $1.50 for senior adults and persons with disabilities). Children under 6 years or under 42 inches can ride FAST buses for free with a fare-paying adult. Passes can be purchased on the bus when you board or at the FAST Transit Center.

For more information on FAST routes, please visit  

Downtown Bike Parking

  • Operation Reps – Public Services (Lee Jernigan), Parks and Rec (Michael Gibson)
  • Ongoing inventory and mapping of existing bike racks, develop plan for additional racks – scheduled completion – August 2, 2019
    • Bike Racks exist at 18 locations downtown with capability to park over 100 bikes
    • GIS Map link -
    • Fascinate U Museum pursuing installation 
    • Corporate Communications to include bike rack map on Downtown Parking link
  • Request stakeholder feedback on additional locations