New ERA Program

NewERA_logoAbout the New ERA Program

NewERA_logoThe City of Fayetteville’s New Engagement, Research, and Activism (ERA) program represents a strategic alignment between Methodist University (MU), Fayetteville State University (FSU), Fayetteville Tech Community College (FTCC) and the City of Fayetteville (CoF). This alignment focuses on addressing pressing challenges through an intentional connection between local government and academia. This includes academic and community-based research, sharing of academic and practitioner expertise, and providing students with real-world opportunities to apply their academic knowledge. Since the implementation of the New ERA program in 2015, students from MU and FSU have participated in the city’s internship program, departmental research projects, and volunteer opportunities at city sanctioned events.

The New ERA program resides within the City Manager’s Office. 

New ERA Program Components

The New ERA program has three distinctive components (Engagement, Research, and Activism) which encompass student involvement and encourages professors and administrators to become engaged to make Fayetteville the most innovative city in North Carolina to live, work, and play.  


ERA1Provides: Opportunity to learn about local government operations and departments while discovering career options in local government

  • Internships
  • Shadowing

The City of Fayetteville’s internship program provides college students with the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience in local government operations and management. Students will have the opportunity to work on high visibility, high priority projects and present their findings and recommendations to senior management.

There will also be frequent opportunities for entire classes and/or students to attend Senior Management Team (SMT) meetings, City Council meetings and Boards/Commission meetings.  In some instances, a one on one meeting with a Deputy or Assistant City Manager will provide the student with an opportunity to get a management perspective on local government and the decision making process.   


ERA2Provides: Viable data for use by the City while providing research opportunities for local university students and professors

  • Special Research Projects
  • Survey Development and Retrieval

Throughout the year, departments in the organization may have a need for special research to be conducted that entails benchmarking and analysis by an individual student or an entire class. The city also encourages students and professors to recommend potential city/university projects that would align with the city’s strategic plan and address council priorities. At the conclusion of the special research project, students are expected to present their findings to the city’s Executive Team.

The city will periodically distribute surveys to students in an effort to gauge opinions about various city topics and issues. The data retrieved from the respondents will help city staff understand the concerns of the college student population in Fayetteville.


Provides: Volunteers and supports youth events

  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Event Planning

The City is always looking for volunteers to participate in a wide variety of projects that include the annual Dogwood Festival, the IT Tech Fair, canvassing neighborhoods and youth recreation events.

For More Information

For more information contact Andrew Holland, Assistant to the City Manager at or 910-433-1475.