Hurricane Florence Updates

The City of Fayetteville has launched a Storm Information Center to provide up-to-date information from the City before, during, and after the storm. Click here for more information or download the City Mobile App on your smartphone to get notificationsREAD MORE | TRASH PICKUP SCHEDULE | COMMUNITY RESOURCES DIRECTORY

Mayor and Council Salaries, Travel and Training Budgets

Revised June 27, 2018

  • Henry M. Colvin, Jr. (Mayor): $31,255.21
  • Theodore W. Mohn (Mayor Pro Tem): $18,089.54
  • Katherine K. Jensen (Council Member): $17,088.32
  • Dan Culliton (Council Member): $17,088.32
  • Tisha S. Waddell (Council Member): $17,088.32
  • Johnny L. Dawkins III (Council Member): $17,088.32
  • William J. Crisp (Council Member): $17,088.32
  • Larry O. Wright (Council Member): $17,088.32
  • James W. Arp, Jr. (Council Member): $17,088.32
  • D.J. Haire (Council Member): $13,680.00 (Reduction in pay requested by Mr. Haire)

The Mayor has a travel and training budget of $5,000.00 per fiscal year and each Council Member has a travel and training budget of $4,000.00 per fiscal year.

The elected officials are eligible for health care benefits such as vision, dental, and medical at the same premium rates as City regular employees.