Downtown Development

downtowncThe Economic and Business Development Development is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the revitalization strategy resulting in a vibrant downtown.

  • Serves as a conduit to implement the City Council's goals to revitalize downtown as a community focal point
  • Follows the National Historic Trust Main Street Model for downtown revitalization, which consists of organization, promotion, design and economic restructuring
  • Assists downtown businesses, organizations and residents as a liaison with the City of Fayetteville
  • Keeps downtown highly visible through marketing, public appearances and other promotions
  • Represents downtown Fayetteville at the local, state and national levels
  • Reviews the physical appearance of infrastructure and coordinates with existing City departments to ensure a high level of maintenance
  • Creates partnerships needed for successful downtown management

Downtown Development information including a downtown property database, downtown building permits, downtown privilege licenses, projects approved through the Facade Improvement Grant Program, projects approved through the Downtown Loan Program and available properties for sale or lease in the downtown area.