The Department of Economic and Business Development supports the City Council in recognizing that high quality City services are interwoven and dependent on a strong business community and local economy. It is the mission of the Department to support existing and attract new high quality retail and commercial enterprises throughout the City; redevelop under-performing corridors and catalyst sites; expand the local incentives portfolio; assist a diversity of business interest and industries with a wide range of needs; and continue to work with its partners in order to achieve a higher level of prosperity, job growth and expanded economic opportunities for its citizens.

City Financing and Incentives

In addition to its economic incentives and tax investments, The City of Fayetteville also has other business assistance loan programs available to assist small businesses through its Community Development Department.  The requirement for these loan programs vary, so you must be sure to contact the Community Development Department.

The loan programs include:

  • Business Assistance Loan Program
  • Commercial Exterior Improvement Grant Program
  • Small Business Development Grant Program
  • Small Business Retention Grant Program

Local Partners and Small Business Resources

The City of Fayetteville is committed to making information available directly -- City resources --or indirectly -- economic and business development partners -- in addition to other local, state and federal resources that will help the growth and sustainability of small and micro businesses.  Through a network of partners, the City hopes to broaden the scope of services and opportunities available to support growth areas in economic and business development:

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