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Roll Out Carts

  • roller-canEach single-family dwelling will be issued one 96-gallon green rollout cart for household debris and one 35-gallon blue rollout cart for recycling debris.
  • Carts are the property of the City of Fayetteville and should not be removed from the property to which they are assigned.
  • If you turn in your 35-gallon cart, the purchase price of the large blue cart is $20.
  • Carts will not be issued to unoccupied dwellings.

Cart Placement

Cart Repairs 

For cart repairs, please call 433-1329. A cart technician will be scheduled to inspect the cart for possible repair or replacement.

Carts damaged from misuse or neglect will be repaired or replaced at the user's expense. Examples of misuse are burning or overloading carts. DO NOT place hot ashes in roll out carts.

Vandalized or Stolen Carts 

Report stolen or vandalized carts to the Customer Call Center at 433-1329.

Super Recycler 96-Gallon Blue Cart

A Super Recycler 96-gallon blue cart can be purchased for $54.  The cart will be delivered for an additional charge of $11.50.  Let the City know at the time of purchase if you would like to turn in the small blue recycling cart assigned to your residence. The blue carts can only be used for recycling, NOT for garbage or yard waste.

Additional Carts

Additional carts are sold for $53 each. Residents desiring delivery of their container must pay a delivery fee of $11.50. The carts are brown in color and hold 96 gallons. They can be used for both household garbage and yard waste as long as they are not mixed.

To order an additional cart, call the 1-FAY Call Center at (910) 433-1329 or drop by the Solid Waste Division's office at 455 Grove Street.