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The City of Fayetteville is in frequent communication with our partners at the Cumberland County Department of Public Health and health officials at local, state, and federal agencies who are monitoring the situation and providing guidance on how to respond to COVID-19. Our top priority is to maintain essential services for our community while protecting the health and safety of our residents and employees. MORE INFO

Criteria for Employee Recognition

  • Listening to customer needs and looking for creative ways to deliver service
  • Giving more than what our customer expects
  • Evaluating the outcome for our customer satisfaction
  • Delivering service in a courteous, responsive and enthusiastic manner
  • Managing positive outcome with difficult customer
  • Going the extra mile.



  • CVACriteria-1Taking personal responsibility for your behavior, actions and decisions
  • Defining clear performance expectations and taking responsibility for the process and the final outcome
  • Taking the initiative, anticipating potential problems and taking appropriate action
  • As a supervisor or leader, consistently taking responsibility for your team's performance and holding self and others accountable.



  • Behaving consistently in an honest manner and giving 100% effort
  • Communicating in an honest, truthful manner and delivering on your commitments
  • Acting in an ethical and equitable manner and avoiding any perception of impropriety
  • Using the public trust to guide your actions
  • Using good judgment and making sound decisions.


  • CVACriteria-4Placing the public interest above personal interest (puttng work first)
  • Managing work activities and daily schedules to maximize use of resources and provide services that add value to the quality of lives of our residents.
  • Looking for ways to leverage City resources, maximize effciencies and expand revenue
  • Taking proactive measures to protect City assets
  • Volunteering to advance the City's mission.
  • Developing ideas to save money or streamline processes.



  • Helping to develop the knowledge and skills of others through coaching and mentoring
  • CVACriteria-2Presenting a positive image for the City in your appearance and work space
  • Participating in professional or trade associations to enhance our ability to serve
  • Continuously learning about trends and best practices and maintaining professional and technical competence.




  • Challenging the status quo and willingness to develop and implement process improvements
  • Using technology to enhance productivity
  • Using innovative methods to provide service or resolve problems
  • Willingness to take a reasonable risk which may have positive return to the City.

  • CVACriteria-3aA personal commitment to the City's mission
  • Willing to adapt to our changing community and operating environment
  • Working with the community by listening to their needs and involving them appropriately
  • Promoting understanding among residents and employees of what is important to the City
  • Being accountable and taking ownership.



  • Working together to accomplish the City's mission and build a sense of unity
  • Knowing and fulfilling your role and responsibilities to help your team achieve its goals
  • Cooperating and collaborating to define goals, to complete tasks to communicate and to resolve conflicts
  • Willing to pitch in and go beyond your defined role
  • Producing results through team work and emphasizing no "I" in TEAM.