Permitting & Inspections Department

433 Hay St. - Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Permitting & Inspections Department provides Permitting and Building Inspections for the City.


Permitting Division

Responsible for the general management of the Permitting & Inspections Department, building permit issuance, and scheduling inspection requests.

Building Plan Review & Inspections Division

Responsible for all aspects of commercial and residential building plan review on new construction, alterations, modifications, and additions to existing structures; inspections on general construction, plumbing, heating, mechanical, and electrical installations; and issuing certificates of occupancy. Enforces the North Carolina State Building Code


Michael Bailey, Interim Permitting & Inspections Director

  • Permitting - (910) 433-1707

  • Dispatch - (910) 433-1768

Bailey, Michael Interim DirectorPermitting & Inspections(910) 433-1703
Barefoot, RickyPlumbing Inspections SupervisorPermitting & Inspections
Carr, CharlesBuilding InspectorPermitting & Inspections(910) 433-1708
Cunningham, JosephMechanical InspectorPermitting & Inspections
Dorton, RobertElectrical InspectorPermitting & Inspections
Everage, JasonMechanical Inspections SupervisorPermitting & Inspections
Evers, LindaPermit TechnicianPermitting & Inspections(910) 433-1768
Gibson, JohniecePermit TechnicianPermitting & Inspections(910) 433-1356
Hall, TommyInterim Building OfficialPermitting & Inspections(910) 433-1464
Jackson, RobertMechanical InspectorPermitting & Inspections
Johnson, CarlPlumbing InspectorPermitting & Inspections
Lane, Randy "Kyle"Electrical InspectorPermitting & Inspections
Lowther, KevinBuilding InspectorPermitting & Inspections(910) 433-1702
McLaurin, SabrinaPermit TechnicianPermitting & Inspections(910) 433-1764
Nelson, PatriciaPermit TechnicianPermitting & Inspections(910) 433-1714
Pate, CrystalInterim Building Inspections SupervisorPermitting & Inspections(910) 433-1761
Wade, JeffreyElectrical Inspector SupervisorPermitting & Inspections
Wrench, EarlPlumbing InspectorPermitting & Inspections
Yarborough, Michael Mechanical InspectorPermitting & Inspections