Heat Causing Solid Waste and Yard Waste Pickup Delays

Heat has significantly impacted the readiness of our solid waste and yard waste trucks. As a result, we haven’t had enough available trucks to maintain solid waste and yard waste pickup schedules. Equipment issues with these trucks in such hot and humid conditions as we’ve experienced over the last few weeks are not uncommon. We apologize to residents for the inconvenience. Our first priority is to pick up solid waste (green carts). Our staff is currently working on its off days of Wednesdays and Saturdays to catch up on missed routes. Our second priority is yard waste (brown carts) and it may not be collected this week. At this time, it is recommended to leave solid waste out for pickup and it will be collected as soon as possible. We hope to be back on schedule next week and will keep residents informed on our progress. 

Building Plan Review & Inspections Division

433 Hay St. - Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


The Building Plan Review & Inspections Division is responsible for enforcing the North Carolina State Building Code to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens within the jurisdictional area of the City of Fayetteville.

The Administrative Section of the Division includes the Building Official and Plan Review, which includes plan intake and plan review appropriateness, and permit review in preparation for permit issuance.

The Building Inspection Section of the Division includes the Building and Trade Inspectors. Inspectors strive to meet every requested inspection time. Unfortunately, there are times when this is not possible due to our limited resources. However, should you have an
idea on how we might improve our services, we will gladly consider it. 

Our Mission

To ensure the public's health, safety, and welfare through the enforcement of the North Carolina and City of Fayetteville adopted codes, to promote the economic health of the City of Fayetteville by enhancing business, development, and retention, assuring adequate housing and clean neighborhoods, and to provide exemplary service to our customers that exceeds their expectations for efficiency, effectiveness, and adaptability.

Our Vision

The commitment of the Division's professional staff to the enhancement and preservation of our natural and environmental resources while overseeing the erection and maintenance of safe buildings and dwellings in which to live and work.

Our Goals

  • Be responsive to the public
  • Review plans in a timely, predictable, and consistent manner
  • Perform inspections within 48 hours of the request
  • Reduce the number of call backs by providing clear and accurate information
  • Improve efficiency
  • Adopt up-to-date technology as it becomes available

Permit Inspection Work

Work must be inspected during each phase of construction before work is concealed and/or continued by the permit holder or their agent. The inspection request is called into Dispatch at 910-433-1768

Types of Inspections

Certificate of Occupancy

No new building or part thereof shall be occupied, and no addition or enlargement of any existing building shall be occupied, and no change of occupancy shall be made in any existing building or part thereof, until the City of Fayetteville Permitting & Inspections Department has issued a Certificate of Occupancy. The Inspection Division shall issue a Certificate of Occupancy when, after examination and inspection, it is found that the building in all respects conforms to the provisions of the North Carolina State Building Code and other City codes.