Building Inspections

Permitting & Inspections Department


Permit Inspection Work

Work must be inspected during each phase of construction before work is concealed and/or continued by the permit holder or their agent. The inspection request is called directly into the inspector.

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Required Building Inspections
(Also see Common Mistakes, below)

Foundation & Waterproofing: Must be inspected by the building inspector before it is backfilled.

Slab: Is inspected before the concrete is poured, must have plastic installed and termite spray must be completed.

Open Floor Framing: If the structure is on a crawl space, the floor system must be in place without the sheathing installed to verify the floor connection, spacing, and support.

Rough-in Framing: After Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical have passed rough inspections, but before insulation.

Wall Ties: This is done when veneer is applied to the exterior.

Insulation: Before sheetrock has been installed. (See Common Mistakes, below)

Fireplace/Chimney: (Wood burning only) Applicant must call their inspector directly to have this inspection added, then requested.

Above the Ceiling: Before ceiling tile is installed. Inspection addresses insulation, framing is not harmed, rated wall is labeled with appropriate fire resistive rating.

Final: Includes ceiling/floor insulation and any required exterior grading.

Common Mistakes Identified During a Building Inspection

  • Not ready or out of sequence
  • Address is not visible or posted
  • Termite protection certification is not provided
  • Footing not 12 inches below grade
  • Footing is not free of all roots, loose dirt or other debris
  • Footing has water or mud
  • Crawl space is not covered with poly
  • Plans and/or truss details missing/incorrect
  • Load points missing/incorrect
  • Fire stopping and/or draft stopping missing/incorrect
  • Truss bracing missing/incorrect
  • Engineered truss design is missing or not installed per design
  • Rafter ties missing
  • Drilling and over notching of joists and plates
  • Riser heights incorrect on stairs
  • Hangers missing/not nailed properly
  • Anchor bolts missing/incorrect
  • Improper nailing of headers and beams
  • Fire blocking is missing
  • Top plate has holes that are not sealed
  • Handrails on stairways missing or at incorrect height
  • Guardrails missing or incorrect height
  • Smoke detector missing or not installed correctly
  • Carbon monoxide detector not installed

Common Mistakes Identified During an Insulation Inspection

  • Paper backing cannot be used in concealed spaces
  • Must have vapor barrier behind bathtubs/showers on exterior walls
  • Windows and door must have insulation in all voids
  • Must have depth markers in attic
  • Must have "R" value documentation for blown-in insulation
  • Builder must mount the insulation certificate indicating all insulation values for the home