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Mechanical Inspections

Permitting & Inspections Department

Permit Inspection Work


Work must be inspected during each phase of construction before work is concealed and/or continued by the permit holder or their agent. The inspection request is called into Dispatch at (910) 433-1768 or:

433 Hay Street
1st Floor - City Hall
PO Box 1846
Fayetteville, NC 28302-1846


Types of Mechanical Inspections

Rough-in: Before insulation and/or sheetrock.

Dryer Vent: Before insulation and/or sheetrock.

Gas Burning Fireplaces: Vented or unvented. Before insulation and sheetrock.

Gas Logs: Before insulation and/or sheetrock.

Gas Line: Before covering and must have pressure test with gauge showing pressure.

Duct Work: Before covering and duct seal test.

Gas Venting: Before covering.

Gas Stove: Before final or at final. Stove must be installed for residential or commercial.

HVAC Unit: Before final inspection.

Commercial Exhaust Duct: Before insulation and/or sheetrock.

Commercial Exhaust Fan: Before insulation and/or sheetrock. This is the exhaust fan for mechanical venting.

Commercial Hoods: Before insulation and/or sheetrock. This is the hood above the kitchen equipment.

Commercial Equipment: Before insulation and/or sheetrock. This is the equipment under the hood system.

Final: Job is installed, HVAC units and vented appliances complete.

Common Mistakes Identified During a Mechanical Inspection

  • Access
  • Gas piping undersized
  • Gas pressure test failed
  • Gas line not sleeved
  • Gas line not labeled
  • Gas line not painted outside
  • Duct not sealed correctly
  • Duct work
  • Gas vents
  • Clearance
  • Drain lines
  • Drain pan safety switch is missing or incorrect
  • Bath fans not vent correctly
  • Fire stopping missing or incorrectly installed
  • Combustion air
  • Carbon monoxide detector not installed