Cape Fear River Plan

The Cape Fear River Plan & Re-Zoning Adopted

Thank you for your input! At the direction of the City Council, planning staff completed a river planning initiative that looked at the Cape Fear River Corridor and possible future alternatives.

The Cape Fear River Area Plan is the first of a number of high priority target areas that will be studied by City staff during the City’s Comprehensive Plan Update. 

The River Plan is centered around those areas that have been identified 
as most prone to significant land use change in the future. Along with recommendations and guidance, the River Plan has an updated Land Use Map that replaces the 2010 Future Land Use Plan. Particularly problematic uses are addressed by the Cape Fear River Overlay Zoning District.

On June 27, 2016, the City Council adopted Rezoning Case #P16-18F, the rezoning of certain properties (within the City of Fayetteville) as illustrated on the adjacent map, for inclusion into the Cape Fear River Overlay District.

The Cape Fear River Overlay District was adopted May 23, 2016. The Overlay prohibits certain heavy industrial uses, protects the  natural edges of the bank and the water quality by establishing a buffer along the riverbank, and allows reduced setbacks in the River Village area.

Public Hearings were be held before the Zoning Commission and City Council. 

For more information contact: Will Deaton, (910) 433-1936.

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