Conditional Rezoning

Conditional Rezoning

The Official Zoning Map is a key tool for implementing the comprehensive plan and regulating land use in the City.  The Conditional Rezoning procedure allows an applicant to submit a request to amend the zoning district designation of land on the Zoning Map, subject to a set of additional voluntary limitations or expansion of uses expressed as conditions.  Since these conditions are voluntary, only a landowner may submit an application for a Conditional Rezoning and only the conditions mutually agreed to by the landowner and the City may be approved as part of a conditional zoning district. Conditions may be provided as text or as conceptual plans.

If approved, a conditional zoning district is equivalent to its corresponding general use (base) zoning district, except as limited or expanded by the additional conditions that the applicant and the City mutually agree are necessary to ensure: compatibility between land uses, conformance to adopted plans, and/or mitigation of expected development impacts. 

A sketch or conceptual plan depicting the proposed development to be located within the conditional zoning district may be submitted as an applicant-proposed condition with the Conditional Rezoning application, to be incorporated in the Conditional Rezoning approval.

Special Steps in the Conditional Rezoning Process

A public hearing is required by the Zoning Commission with final approval by the City Council by consent or following a public hearing.  A pre-application conference is required for Conditional Rezoning applications.  Neighborhood meetings for Conditional Rezoning applications are only required if  the application includes three or fewer acres, and includes a reclassification to a more intensive zoning district designation; or land classified as Conservation District (CD) is proposed for reclassification to a conditional MR-5 or other business zoning district (see Neighborhood Meetings).

Additional Information

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