Planned Development

Planned Development

The Planned Development procedure is a zoning mechanism that encourages a comprehensive and flexible approach to development. It allows an applicant to propose a development that deviates from the minimum requirements in the base zoning district (e.g., dimensional and development standards like parking or landscaping), based on the expectation that the entire development will be planned comprehensively and will maintain a minimum level of quality that surpasses what would otherwise be established through a strict application of the minimum base zoning district and development standards.  This level of flexibility is possible because the developer is expected to furnish a Master Plan that shows how the proposed development will be built, and a Terms and Conditions document describing the rights and responsibilities of the developer regarding how the development will be built and maintained. 

Except for the greater flexibility relative to the standards, the Planned Development procedure operates somewhat like a Conditional Rezoning.  The process requires submittal of a detailed Master Plan and a binding Terms and Conditions document that is approved as a part of the zoning map amendment to establish a particular Planned Development district.  This approach allows the City to review the proposed development legislatively, where approval criteria are more flexible, and findings of facts are not required.

A Planned Development is established through an amendment of the Official Zoning Map to one of three different Planned Development zoning district classifications:

  • Planned Development- Residential (PD-R)
  • Planned Development- Economic Center (PD-EC)
  • Planned Development- Traditional Neighborhood (PD-TN)

Special Steps in the Planned Development Process

Public hearings are required at the Planning Commission and City Council.  A pre-application conference is required for Planned Development applications.  Neighborhood meetings are required for all Planned Development applications.