Special Use Permit

Special Use Permit

The Special Use Permit procedure is used to review applications for certain uses that, while not permitted by right in a zoning district, might be allowed following special consideration of the use’s location, design, and methods of operation to address the impacts of the proposed use on surrounding development.

The Use Table in Article 30-4 of the UDO sets out the uses allowed in a zoning district subject to review and approval of a Special Use Permit.  In addition to being required to receive approval of a Special Use Permit, these uses are subject to any use-specific standards referenced in the Use Table, and may require additional treatment to address potential negative impacts on adjacent lands and development.

Special Steps in the Special Use Permit Process

Special Use Permit hearings are quasi-judicial in nature and must follow the requirements of such hearings.  Public hearings are required at the Zoning Commission and City Council.  Special Use Permit applications require a pre-application conference that in most cases includes review of a sketch or concept plan that illustrates how the use is proposed to be developed.  Generally applicants shall include the sketch or concept plan as supporting information with their Special Use Permit application materials.

Additional Information

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