Subdivision Plan and Final Plat

Subdivision Plan and Final Plat

The subdivision standards control the subdivision of land into individual lots or the relocation of existing lot lines. 

The standards and procedures for subdivision ( are one of the City’s primary tools for the development and coordination of the City street and public infrastructure systems (e.g., wastewater, potable water, stormwater, etc.) as development in the City occurs.   The procedure requires review and approval of a “plat,” or a map of proposed lot lines, streets, and easements.  The plat must be recorded in the Register of Deeds office. A Plat Activation Form has to be signed in the County Mapping Office requesting the update of the parcel property lines as shown on the plat. Permits cannot be issued until the subdivision is mapped and the P.I.N. is created.  

Subdivision standards regulate the division of land within the City in order to:

  • Ensure the harmonious development of the City
  • Secure a coordinated layout and adequate provision for traffic circulation
  • Ensure adequate provision for light, air, recreation, transportation, water, drainage, sewerage, and other facilities

The UDO establishes two different types of subdivisions:

  • Subdivisions of land requiring review by the Technical Review Committee and approval of a plat
  • Exempt subdivisions that are not required to undergo the subdivision review procedure in the UDO, but which must obtain sign-off from City staff as a No Approval Required plat.

A plat is a map or plan representing the boundaries and locations of individual lots, open space, streets, and stormwater management devices on a proposed site.  Plats must be prepared by a NC licensed professional surveyor or engineer and must be recorded in the office of the Cumberland County Register of Deeds prior to the sale or transmittal of lots within a development.  Failure to record an approved Final Plat, or the transfer of property solely by deed in a subdivision required to obtain Final Plat approval is a violation of the UDO.

The following types of divisions of land are exempted from the requirement to undergo subdivision review by the Technical Review Committee:

  • A combination or recombination of portions of previously platted lots where the total number of lots is not increased and the resultant lots meet or exceed the minimum standards of the UDO
  • A division of land into parcels greater than five acres in area where no street right-of-way dedication is involved
  • The public acquisition by purchase of strips of land for the widening or opening of streets
  • A division of land under single ownership that is two acres or less in area into three or fewer lots that meet the minimum standards of the UDO, provided no street right-of-way dedication is involved.

All other divisions of land require review by the Technical Review Committee. 

Applicants for a subdivision required to be reviewed by the Technical Review Committee  shall file a Subdivision Plan for review and approval by the City as a preliminary step prior to filing an application for a Final Plat.  The Subdivision Plan review process allows applicants to obtain staff comments prior to preparation of detailed studies or engineering.  Approval of a Subdivision Plan allows installation of public infrastructure, but not conveyance of lots.

Applicants who believe they have an exempt subdivision may indicate this on the subdivision application form.  If this is the case, the Planning and Zoning Division will approve the plat and maintain it in the appropriate divisional file. 

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