Heat/Solid Waste and Yard Waste Pickup Update

UPDATE: The City is now encouraging residents to put out yard waste carts in the event we can get them picked up this weekend. Citizens should also continue to leave their solid waste carts out at the curb until they are picked up.

Subdivision Regulations

Purpose of Subdivision Regulations

Subdivision regulations govern how property may be subdivided for the purpose of sale or development.  It is important to ensure that newly created lots have adequate access to streets, stormwater facilities, and utility services, that such streets, stormwater facilities, and utility services are designed to appropriate minimum standards, and to establish public and private maintenance requirements and expectations for streets, stormwater facilities, and utility services.

Subdivision regulations for the City of Fayetteville may be found in Section 30-6 of the UDO (

Additional Information

Site Plan & Subdivision Approval Process- Applications & Staff Contact Information