Fayetteville Police Department Patch


Call 911 for Emergencies.

For non-emergencies,
call (910) 433-1529.
To make an anonymous tip,
call (910) 483-TIPS (8477).

Law Enforcement Acreditation

Executive Staff

Chief Gina Hawkins

Chief Gina V. Hawkins

Gina V. Hawkins is the Chief of Police for the Fayetteville Police Department. The Chief's Office is responsible for providing administrative support to the Chief of Police, while effectively managing the Public Information Office, (Internal Affairs, Legal Division, Internal Affairs, and Crime Operation Analysis & Crime Information). The primary mission of the Public Information Office is to provide police-related information to the print, television, social, and radio media in as timely a manner as possible. The mission of the (IAU) Internal Affairs Unit is to continue to conduct thorough, timely, and impartial investigations of allegations of procedural violations by our members. The mission of the Legal Division is to efficiently manage our day-to-day responsibilities pertaining to complying with the various legal mandates imposed upon the Department. 

Chief's Staff:

  • Legal
  • Public Information/Crime Stoppers
  • Internal Affairs
  • Crime Information Center & Operations Analysis

Petti,Michael (AC)Assistant Chief Michael Petti

(Administrative Bureau)

The Administrative Bureau is led by Assistant Chief Michael Petti. The Administrative Bureau is responsible for training all employees, managing the budget, accreditation, grants, payroll, fleet management, building maintenance, alarm monitoring, evidence, supply, central records and E911 operation. This Bureau is responsible for providing the administrative support services necessary for the effective operation of the police department. Divisions of this bureau are responsible for managing the department's resources to meet the needs of the department in the most effective and efficient manner possible. The Administrative Bureau provides administrative and logistical support, strategic planning, technology implementation, policy setting and decision making relative to all divisions in the department. 


  • Communication Division
  • Technical Services Division
  • Support Services Division

Assistant Chief Anthony Kelly                               

(Patrol Operations Bureau)

Kelly,Anthony (Interim Chief)

Patrol Operations Bureau is led by Assistant Chief Kelly. The Patrol Operations Bureau provides 24/7 uniformed patrol response to calls for service, conducts preliminary and follow-up investigations and engages in community policing activities. Patrol Operations is the largest division and the core of the Fayetteville Police Department. Patrol is generally the first assignment for new officers who work uniform patrol 24/7, responding to calls for service in the city. In addition to responding to 911 calls and other requests for service, patrol officers are expected to proactively engage in directed patrols and other problem solving activities. Officers are encouraged to work in partnership with members of our community in seeking out and resolving problems in order to enhance our quality of life. The Bureau utilizes a variety of policing options that provide ultimate maneuverability and increased presence that allow officers to get to know the citizens of Fayetteville. In addition to police cruisers, officers patrol on foot, bicycle and motorcycles. The options allow officers to effectively serve and protect our community.


  • Campbellton District
  • Patrol Support
  • Central District
  • Watch Commander Unit
  • Cross Creek District
  • Crime Prevention


Assistant Chief Christopher Davis  

(Investigative Bureau)Davis,Chris (AC)

The Investigative Bureau is led by Assistant Chief Christopher Davis and is made up of two divisions. The bureau is responsible for the efficient disposition of solvable criminal incidents by using effective investigation and prosecution methods. The bureau investigates approximately 2,000 felony cases per year, consistently clearing investigations at levels exceeding the national average. Their effort provides investigative support to the Patrol Operations Bureau. The bureau strives to bring reported crimes to a successful conclusion by thorough and diligent investigatory methods and frequent interaction with the Cumberland county District Attorney. 


  • Special Investigation Division 
  • Major Crimes Division 
Kelly,Anthony (Interim Chief)
Kelly,Anthony (Interim Chief)