Heat Causing Solid Waste and Yard Waste Pickup Delays

Heat has significantly impacted the readiness of our solid waste and yard waste trucks. As a result, we haven’t had enough available trucks to maintain solid waste and yard waste pickup schedules. Equipment issues with these trucks in such hot and humid conditions as we’ve experienced over the last few weeks are not uncommon. We apologize to residents for the inconvenience. Our first priority is to pick up solid waste (green carts). Our staff is currently working on its off days of Wednesdays and Saturdays to catch up on missed routes. Our second priority is yard waste (brown carts) and it may not be collected this week. At this time, it is recommended to leave solid waste out for pickup and it will be collected as soon as possible. We hope to be back on schedule next week and will keep residents informed on our progress. 

Permit Applications

Permit Applications

Permit applications for various permits accepted by the Engineering Division of Public Services. If you have any questions or problems downloading the files, please call 910-433-1656.

Truck Route Permit Application

A truck route application is required to be submitted if any construction traffic will utilize a City Street. Once the application is submitted, the route and condition are verified and a bond amount is generated. If required, a bond is required prior to Infrastructure Permit approval.

Truck Route Application Permit

Truck Route Map

Excavation Permit

An Excavation permit is required if a cut will be made to a City street for the purpose of installing drainage or another utility. A degradation fee may apply and Chapter 24 of the COF Ordinance may apply.

Documents related to Chapter 24 can be found here.

Excavation Permit

Erosion Control Permits

Erosion Control Permits are handled by NCDEQ. Please coordinate with NCDEQ and submit an approved permit prior to any land disturbance and prior to issuance of the Infrastructure Permit.

Commercial Driveway and Encroachment Permit

Please submit all Commercial Driveway Permit Applications to the Traffic Services Division. If you have any questions regarding the Commercial Driveway Permit Application, please contact the Traffic Services Division at 910-433-1660. If you anticipate closing and/or placing equipment in the City of Fayetteville Right of Way, please fill out the Encroachment Agreement below.

Commercial Driveway Permit

 Temporary Encroachment Permit

NCDOT Encroachment Agreements

Two-Party Encroachment Agreements – Required when an encroachment in DOT’s Right-of-Way will occur (i.e. Drainage connection, etc.). This type of encroachment should be handled directly with DOT and a copy of the approved encroachment must be submitted prior to infrastructure permit approval.

Three-Party Encroachment Agreement – Required when a sidewalk is proposed to be installed in a DOT Right-of-Way. The three-party agreement allows DOT to approve the sidewalk location and will allow the City to maintain the sidewalk. The form must be submitted to the City and will be sent to DOT upon signature.

Three-Party Encroachment Agreement Example

Three-Party Encroachment Agreement PDF Fillable

Residential Sidewalk Permit

Submit Residential Sidewalk Permit applications to the Public Services Department for any sidewalk not included in subdivision plans, an addition of a sidewalk or if a sidewalk is being redone due to age, settlement or cracking.

Residential Driveway/Sidewalk Permit

Infrastructure Permit- Commerical or Residential

Submit Infrastructure Permit Application to Public Services Department when submitting plans for review.

Infrastructure Permit Application