Heat Causing Solid Waste and Yard Waste Pickup Delays

Heat has significantly impacted the readiness of our solid waste and yard waste trucks. As a result, we haven’t had enough available trucks to maintain solid waste and yard waste pickup schedules. Equipment issues with these trucks in such hot and humid conditions as we’ve experienced over the last few weeks are not uncommon. We apologize to residents for the inconvenience. Our first priority is to pick up solid waste (green carts). Our staff is currently working on its off days of Wednesdays and Saturdays to catch up on missed routes. Our second priority is yard waste (brown carts) and it may not be collected this week. At this time, it is recommended to leave solid waste out for pickup and it will be collected as soon as possible. We hope to be back on schedule next week and will keep residents informed on our progress. 

Ann Street Bridge Replacement

Project Overview:

The City will replace the Ann Street Bridge in the downtown district to allow Ann Street to be re-opened to traffic. The existing bridge was closed in October 2013 due to fire damage.

Project Details:

Tumbnail Ann St Bridge
  • Status: Under Construction
  • Next Step: Construction Completion
  • Contract / Contractor:
    • Design: CALYX Engineers and Consultants
    • Construction: Fred Smith Company
  • Estimated Completion Date: Summer 2019

Affected Neighborhoods:

  • Downtown District

Contributing Departments:

  • Public Services Department 


  • City of Fayetteville Contact: Chris Haddock 910-433-1656

Current Status

Please click on the attachment for the current status of this project.

Update 7/17/2019

Update 7/10/2019

Update 6/10/2019

For More Information:

Group Picuure 173 Historic Bridge