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Beaver Creek 2 Watershed Study

2018.01.09 Project Area MapProject Overview

As part of the City’s ongoing efforts to develop programs and projects which make proactive use of stormwater utility funds, the City has initiated a watershed study and master plan for a portion of the Beaver Creek watershed (reference illustration).  A watershed is a land area that drains into a particular stream, in this case, Beaver Creek between McFayden Lake and Winnabow Dr. in Shenandoah Beaver Creek North subdivision.  The goals of the watershed master plan are to:

  1. Engage the public to raise awareness of the City’s stormwater program and watershed master planning efforts
  2. Receive feedback from the watershed residents regarding the performance of pipes, ditches, and streams
  3. Better understand the capacity of the existing streams and piped drainage system
  4. Identify needed improvements to the drainage system
  5. Prioritize needed improvements based on the City’s ranking factors
  6. Determine the total approximate cost of needed improvements
  7. Identify opportunities to improve water quality through construction of stormwater treatment facilities

267-CLThe City of Fayetteville is committed to an inclusive public involvement program that utilizes communications tools to engage and solicit input from a wide range of stakeholders.  Public involvement will be integrated into the technical work through a transparent process with a continuous feedback loop so that the City of Fayetteville, the public, and other agencies can see how their input is being incorporated into the technical work.  The public involvement program will educate, inform and engage citizens and businesses about stormwater-related issues and the benefits of watershed master planning to the quality of life in and around the City of Fayetteville. 

The City is excited to move forward with the watershed master planning process for this section of Beaver Creek.   Following completion, the City will be better equipped to address drainage needs throughout the watershed.  Visit this page often for project updates and to provide feedback.


Project Details:

  • Status: Design / Survey
  • Next Step: Report Submission May 2019
  • Contract / Contractor:
    •  Consulting Firm: Hazen & Sawyer P.C.
  • Estimated Completion Date: May 2019  

Affected Neighborhoods:

  • Over 5000 Acres of Land 
  • Approximately 100 Individual Subdivisions 

Contributing Departments:

  • Public Services Department


  • City of Fayetteville Contact: Byron Reeves 910-433-1656

For More Information: 

Project Links

Link to survey:

Study Area Map

Public Meeting Presentation

Give Us Your Feedback! Email us at with any comments or concerns regarding the project. In the email, please provide contact information (if you would wish) so we may have a chance to follow up with you.

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