Solid Waste Fee Schedule

Here citizens can find information regarding the schedule of fees related to Solid Waste Services.

Solid Waste Fees and Penalties

Residential Solid Waste Fee: 

Single-family homes and residential Units in multi-family properties of 7 units or less: $190.00

Administrative Fee (Abatement Actions): $100.00

Backdoor Pickup Fee:

Handicap backdoor pickup: Free

Bulky Item or Limb Debris Pickup

Full Truckload Pickups (Approximately 20 cubic yards): $357.00

Less than full truck-load pickups: Free

Household Construction Debris Pickup

Generated by Contractor: Not Offered

Resulting from homeowner renovations: $250.00

Loose Leaf Pickup

Collection during scheduled neighborhood loose leaf collection: No Charge

Collection outside of neighborhood loose leaf collection:

Collection of 25 cubic yards or less: $75.00

Collection of more than 25 cubic yards: $250.00

Set-Out Pickup

For curbside pick up of mixed refuse or furniture, usually resulting from vacating a residence: $100.00

Rollout Carts

Cart Purchase: Variable based on actual City purchase price

Delivery Fee: $11.50

Festival Park Events: 10 garbage and 10 recycling carts provided. Extra carts $10 per cart per day.

Events outside of Festival Park: $100 for 5 garbage and 5 recycling carts

Solid Waste Fines

Failure to remove the container from curb: 1st violation, written warning; 2nd and subsequent violations, $100.00 each.