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Environmental Education

It's Environmental Education Week! We will post tips and activities each day this week to help you get outside and enjoy your backyard this week! Follow us on Twitter @FayNC_PubServ for ways to share what you are doing this week! Check back each day for a new topic and resource!

EEWK Sunday Celebrate

Stormwater and Water Quality! 

Did you know, stormwater and sewer pipes run on two different systems? While sewer water is treated, stormwater drains lessen the collection of rain water in our streets and neighborhoods. This helps to prevent flooding. Storm drains need to be kept free and clear of debris so that they can work properly! This also helps to prevent any pollution from entering our local creeks, streams and rivers!

EEWK Monday SW Quality_Storm Drains

This website has some great water quality activities that you can do at home!

Explore your neighborhood! Do you have any storm drains close by?


Do you know that there is a difference between weather and climate? Weather is the day to day state of the atmosphere, while climate is the observed daily changes of weather over time! People often confuse the two! Scientist often study both to see how both weather and climate are affecting our environment!

EEWK Tuesday Wthr Cmt Final

Check out this resource with some fun activities!

Observe the weather today! If it’s raining, stay inside and journal about what you are seeing in your window. If it’s sunny- observe what you see outside!

Celebrate Earth Day!

It's Earth Day today! Take time today and celebrate nature and what's going on in your back yard! 

EEWK Wednesday Earth_Final

There are some things that you can do to get involved with science today! Click the resource below to check out some of the citizen science things that you can do from your back yard!

The Water Cycle

The water cycle is the process where water evaporates from the surface of the earth, rises into the atmosphere, cools and condenses into rain or snow in clouds, and falls again to the surface as precipitation.

EEWK Thursday Wtr Cyc Final

Cool Fact: We Could Be Drinking the Same Water Dinosaurs Drank!

Water Cycle Activity

Click the link above to create your own water cycle activity! Using some household materials (and some found outside!) you can create the perfect environment to see the water cycle in action!

Get outside and observe the ways that you think the water cycle is working today. Are there clouds in the sky? Is the sun shining? Do you have a mud puddle that may be drying up?


Bug diversity in water is really important! It can help us know if pollution is present in a water body. When pollution is present in water, we may not see as many bugs!

EEWK Friday Bugs

Can you identify some of these macroinvertebrates? Remember, bugs are important to water quality!