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Advisory Committee

Statement of Purpose:

To address the public transportation needs of Fayetteville North Carolina in a proactive way by providing recommendations to City council, management, users and the general public in an effort to create a comprehensive and cohesive transit system that responds to our community's present and future needs.

Duties and Functions:

Function as an advisory body with responsibilities to advise FAST management on matters affecting the transit system and its operations; including, but not limited to:

  • Provide recommendations for the current and future direction of the transit system consistent with the adopted Transportation Development Plan within fiscal constraints
  • Ensure personal mobility for handicapped, elderly and disabled citizens
  • Provide equal transportation access to commercial business locations, local and regional government agencies
  • Find optimal solutions that balance the transit needs of the community
  • Respond to community concerns in a prompt, professional and respectful manner
  • Function as a sounding board for updates of the Transit Development Plan (TDP)
  • Make recommendations to FAST management on matters, i.e., fare changes, long-range plan updates, and major or new projects. The FACT will also provide comments on service changes
  • Strengthen community relations
  • Maintain a close working relationship and dialog with the City manager and staff

Frequency of Meetings:

3rd Tuesday of the Month at 5:30 PM
Transit Conference Room, 505 Franklin Street, Fayetteville, NC