Hurricane Florence Updates

The City of Fayetteville has launched a Storm Information Center to provide up-to-date information from the City before, during, and after the storm. Click here for more information or download the City Mobile App on your smartphone to get notificationsREAD MORE | TRASH PICKUP SCHEDULE | COMMUNITY RESOURCES DIRECTORY

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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Can you offer children's fare discounts based on age and not height?

  • Can you add an ATM and bigger bathrooms?

  • Can you create a system to alert riders via text when a bus is late or broken down?

  • When is FAST going to offer Sunday Service?

  • What is being done about the overcrowding on Route 14?

  • When is FAST going to start 30 minute service on all bus routes?

  • How does a 1-Day pass work?

  • How can the public find out about service interruptions during inclement weather?

  • Is FAST going to install a bus stop across from the Chick-Fil-A on Ramsey Street?

  • Is FAST going to add more bus stops on the Route 10 return trip?

  • Is FAST going to install a bus stop by the blue ice box on Cedar Creek Road (Route 3)?

  • Is FAST going to install a bus stop between the 1st stop on Strickland Bridge Road and the 2nd stop at the YaYa Food Mart (Route 10)?

  • Can I advertise on FAST buses?

  • Is there a GTFS feed available?

  • Does FAST provide service to Hoke County?

  • Does FAST provide service to Spring Lake?

  • Does FAST close for holidays?

  • Where can I find out about career opportunities with FAST?

  • How can I provide feedback about my experience with FAST?

  • Can I eat or drink on the bus?

  • Can I bring my dog on the bus?

  • Do you offer discounted passes for students?

  • Where can I obtain an application for the reduced fare ID card?

  • Where can I obtain an application for FASTTRAC! services?

  • Do I need a car seat for my child?

  • Are FAST vehicles wheelchair accessible?

  • How can I retrieve a lost item?

  • Where can I find a bus transfer slip?

  • How can I get a refund for my unused bus pass?

  • If I don't have the correct amount of money, will I receive change?

  • Will the transit buses arrive at the exact times posted?

  • How do I ride the bus?