City Hall to open at 8 a.m./most services on regular operating schedule

City Hall will open at 8 am. FAST buses are on normal operating schedule. Solid waste pickups will begin at their regularly scheduled times this morning. All Parks and Recreation facilities plan to be open to the public no later than 1 pm unless otherwise indicated. The Fayetteville Regional Airport will be open but travelers are encouraged to check with their airlines to verify flight status as there may be delays or cancellations. All One-Stop early voting sites will open at 10 am today. City staff are granted liberal leave as needed and coordinated with their supervisors.  

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Ride Guide: Bike Policy

Bikes on Buses

All FAST Transit buses are equipped with bike racks on the front of each bus. Our easy-to-use bike racks can hold two bikes and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Only two-wheeled adult and children's bikes fit on the bus bike racks. Motorized bikes are not allowed on any bus racks. If the bike rack is full, you will have to wait for the next bus.

Bicycles are not permitted inside the bus due to safety concerns. However, bicycles that can be collapsed and folded into a carry on bag are permitted as long as they are not placed in a seat that would force another passenger to stand.

Eight Steps for Using the Bus Bike Rack

Remember that FAST is not liable for any damage to your bike, or other property connected with the bicycle, so be sure to load your bike securely onto the rack as follows:

Step 1: Before the bus arrives at your stop, please make sure that bike pumps and water bottles are secure so that they do not fall off during the bus trip.

Step 2: When the bus arrives at your stop, indicate to the Operator that you will be loading your bicycle onto the rack. Remember to look closely before stepping off the curb to load and unload your bike.

Step 3: To release the rack, squeeze the center handle and slowly lower it. If the rack is already lowered and a bike is in position, use the other available bike wheel well. If the bike rack is full, please wait for the next available bus.

Step 4: After lowering the rack, lift your bicycle into the available wheel well, making sure that the front wheel is placed on the side labeled "front wheel." If only one bike is being loaded, use the position nearest the bus handlebars toward the curb.

Step 5: Pull out and up on the support arm and hook the arm securely over the top of your front wheel. A spring pulls the arm back and holds the bike securely in place.

Step 6: When you reach your destination, notify the Operator that you will be unloading your bicycle and use the front door to exit the bus. Raise the support arm up off the tire and return it to its original position.

Step 7: Lift your bike out of the bike rack. If the bike rack is empty, please return the rack to its upright position.

Step 8: Step away from the bus and onto the curb with your bike. Indicate to the Operator that you are clear of the bus.

Reminder: Fayetteville Area System of Transit is not responsible for lost or stolen bicycles. It is advised to sit near the front of the bus so that you may monitor your bike during your ride.

If you have questions about using bus racks, please call us at (910) 433-1747.