FY 2019 Strategic Plan

Fiscal Year 2019 Strategic Plan

City Manager's FY 2019 Recommended Budget Presentation

The City Manager's Recommended Budget Presentation outlines key elements of the FY 2019 recommended budget as they relate to the City's FY 2019 Strategic Plan and its six strategic goals.

City Council FY 2019 Strategic Planning Retreat Materials

Environmental Scan: Strategic Planning cannot occur in a vacuum. Rather, it must be based on a clear understanding of the environment within which the strategy will be carried out.  The environment, or current conditions impacting the City of Fayetteville’s ability to effectively understand, plan and deliver services can be described with these aspects in mind:

·       Societal needs and trends

·       Political factors

·       Economic climate

·       Citizen and community needs

·       Technology trends

·       Uncertainties.

Resources and read aheads:

City Council Strategic Planning Retreat Presentation

Retreat Agenda

Retreat Pre-work

2018 Cafe Conversation Report

2016 Citizen Survey Report

2017 Social Capital Survey Report

2017 Social Capital Forum Report

Fayetteville Community Snapshot

Fayetteville 24/7

Ted Abernathy bio


SWOT Analysis:  Identification of organizational strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats is critical to the strategic planning process. Understanding the organization’s current performance is key.

Resources and read aheads:

Citizen and Employee Input

FY 2017 Performance Scorecard Report

Strategy Map Handout


FY 2018 Adopted Annual Budget

Employee Survey Report

Employee Focus Groups Report

Targets for Action Updates

Targets for Action Status

Budget and Financial Overview

CIP Project Summary

TIP Project Summary

CIP and TIP Request Reductions Due To Funding Limitations

 LGC Debt Analysis Report